Velluto Tech Incubator

Boutique Product Development House with Style

We take great ideas and turn them into best-of-breed products. We are narrowly focused on the niche of software, tools, and services for the Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Online PR space.

Our Model

Velluto is not a standard Silicon Valley-style incubator that just throws money at a project and hopes for the best. We provide value by maintaining an incredible in-house team to work collaboratively on projects. Our talent can handle all aspects of a product launch, from conceptualization, to build out, to marketing, to customer support.

Our 8 person team operates from Las Vegas, NV.

We are always interested in hearing new ideas, especially if they are aligned with our focus area of Online Marketing software, tools, and services. But we'll listen to any idea, even crazy ones.

We've built our business around joint ventures and partnerships and we're always looking to do more deals with the right partners.

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